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Real estate investment trusts (REITs), private equity funds, and other real estate owners and operators must source and qualify investments competitively, arrange funds, and develop and administer their assets successfully. Almost every real estate-related decision and transaction has tax ramifications, from soliciting initial funding to supporting a smooth exit. Real estate investors need in-depth tax due diligence to uncover difficulties and deal breakers early on.

The importance of tax planning in financial planning cannot be overstated. If you make a lot of money, taxes will most likely be your biggest yearly bill. When it comes to achieving your short- to long-term objectives, tax planning is the way to go. The more money you save on taxes, the sooner you’ll be able to reach your financial goals. As real estate rules change, proper tax preparation tactics become increasingly vital. Tax preparation might assist you in lowering your real estate taxes.

The Gamburg difference

Our clients identify a number of Real Estate tax factors that impact their operations today in our work with prominent REITs, private equity funds, and other real estate owners and operators. Among the most notable examples are:

  •  Consulting on entity formation for the real estate holding
  •  Tax planning for domestic and international investments and transactions
  •  Tax compliance in an age of rising complication
  •  Adapting to a changing taxation system

These difficulties have ramifications for both Real Estate tax compliance and tax planning that should not be overlooked. These emphasis areas are further complicated by new tax rules that went into force in 2018, the likelihood of tax reform, and an ever-changing menu of tax planning ideas and solutions. While addressing all of these might be a difficult balancing act, doing so may reveal hidden value for your business.

Tax due diligence

Is your tax department equipped to detect significant tax-related challenges, opportunities, and deal-breakers sooner rather than later as you review real estate investments?

If your resources are stretched, as they are in many real estate enterprises, you may benefit from Gamburg CPA’s tax due diligence skills. We understand how to collaborate with REITs, private equity funds, and other real estate investors as they source and qualify investment opportunities in a competitive manner, and advise them on the best tax structure.

We provide organizations the power of a diversified team. If you are considering international investments, our global network of affiliates can assist you in becoming acquainted with foreign geographies, meeting with local professionals, understanding business practices, and – in some cases – providing support as you evaluate potential investments or joint venture partners.

Structuring investments and transactions

Individuals, foreign parties, especially sovereigns, and tax-exempt institutions are among the stakeholders targeted by REITs and private equity investors. How can you organize them so that the costs of income, asset, and transfer taxes, as well as their impact on after-tax yield, are addressed efficiently?

It is vital to select the best investment structure and design. This could entail a mechanism that combines finance and tax in order to lower tax costs for the funds and their investors. Real estate companies must also carefully consider how to increase cash on hand. This could involve using like-kind exchange transactions strategically and other tax-efficient exit techniques.

Tax compliance in an era of increasing complexity: Adjusting to a challenging climate

Do you have the personnel and resources in-house to keep up with the continuously changing tax regulations? REITs and funds must file timely and accurate reports – not only with regulatory authorities but also with their investors. We can assist you in meeting these responsibilities. We also provide up-to-date information on national, and local tax issues, as well as accounting rules that may affect your strategy.

Gamburg CPA can also assist you in understanding the rules for protecting your tax status if you manage a REIT. Based on our expertise working in this specialized industry, we understand the laws that must be followed in order to retain favorable tax status, and we can advise you on the proper steps to take.

Foreign investment in real estate

Real estate is a heavily taxed industry. As a result, changes in US tax policy affect the relative attractiveness of real estate as an investment class to non-US investors. Increases in U.S. tax rates on capital gains, taxation of real estate dispositions, and U.S. tax reporting requirements are frequently mentioned as examples of policies that impede investment. Over the years, real estate organizations in the United States have proposed relief measures and sought clarification of current rules. These attempts have had varying degrees of success. For example, there have been several revisions and clarifications to tax rules affecting the operations of Real Estate Investment Trusts in recent years (REITs). Furthermore, the taxation of certain transactions involving the origination and adjustment of indebtedness has been loosened in response to worries about the impact of taxes on an already troubled economy.

Gamburg CPA’s integrated approach brings added value to our clients

To remain competitive in today’s real estate marketplace, companies need to tax-efficiently source investments, structure the acquisition and ownership vehicles, and comply with tax reporting requirements. Gamburg CPA offers an integrated approach to client services. Our clients have access to tax specialists who understand their challenges and issues.

Our strengths include:

  •  A solid and sustained track record in tax advisory services to the real estate industry
  •  Tax services that range from general tax compliance support to tax technical niche services
  • Finding the most tax-efficient entity structure for the real estate holding 

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