At Gamburg CPA PC, we follow five core values in servicing and creating a trustworthy relationship with our clients: professionalism, innovation, responsiveness, practicality, and integrity.


At Gamburg CPA PC we believe in building a strong and productive business relationship by communicating with our clients and getting to know their needs. We then use our expertise in conjunction with a proactive approach and innovative thinking, within the limits of the tax code, to tackle tax problems and find solutions for the future for our clients.


At Gamburg CPA PC we look at the overall picture for our clients. We want to create tax planning that will be effective in the present and also in future years, and can be easily modified to adjust for the constant changes in the tax code and our clients’ ever changing needs. Our tax planning focuses on what is best for our clients not only from a tax perspective, but also from the overall business operations perspective.

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