In case you did not know, the IRS managed to reduce its budget by merely $1.2 billion dollars over the last few years. Sure, it is still a whopping amount, but it actually reduced its workforce to around 11%. That is more than 13,000 employees! Apparently, this narrative encouraged business owners to think that the IRS would never morph into a federal criminal tax investigation in terms of federal tax fraud. In reality, it is the other way around. 

Consulting your tax problems beforehand is essential, and this is where our federal and state audit representation can help you big time. 

Gamburg CPA PC – Your Go-To Tax Representation Professional

Are you in need of a professional consultant well-versed in the world of tax issues? Do you have tax problems in New York that you want to handle? It is time you get in touch with Gamburg CPA PC when it comes to having a federal audit representation or state audit representation. 

Whether your issues are related to state income taxes or even another jurisdiction, we can get the job done. We can even offer you an initial consultation to help determine and understand all of your tax woes. We will do this in the most efficient and comprehensive way.

Our years of experience have helped us become a go-to firm when it comes to federal or tax audits, making us a reliable representation of taxpayers whose problems concerns taxes.

How a Tax Audit Actually Works?

By essence, audits are deemed prove-it-or-lose-it situations. This is where expenses should be properly supported by proof that the expense was paid and the vendor actually has a receipt. Any expense believed to be fabricated will, as expected, not be supported; hence, it is considered as lost. In addition, the so-called “payees” are going to be examined – including all involved receipts – to determine where personal expenses are really deducted and used as a business expense. 

An auditor will be responsible for routinely reconciling the cash deposited to the business and/or personal account of a taxpayer. 

The process will also cover all excess deposits over the revenue reported per the returns. Consequently, these deposits will be deemed as an adjustment to income, although the story changes if a taxpayer is able to prove that the income is sourced from a non-taxable provider. 

Lastly, an auditor is expected to investigate any fraudulent reporting patterns, most of which are found in audits performed within the same industry in the past.

How Gamburg CPA PC Can Help You

By hiring Gamburg CPA PC, you can get access to comprehensive services especially if you are in need of serious Federal and/or state audit representation against any governmental agency. As a tax specialist, you can expect us to provide you with esteemed expertise that will result in proper representation in all federal or state tax cases. 

If you think your case is extremely rare, or perhaps you have no knowledge about how to move forward, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are licensed professionals ready to incorporate our skills and diligence to assess your current tax situation.

Professional and Efficient Federal and State Audit Representation

Our utmost goal is to utilize all legal methods we have to protect you throughout the entire audit process. We assure you that only the best result can be obtained. If the proposal from the government appears to be not favorable despite resolving the audit, you can rest assured knowing that we have the ability and experience to take your case to the next level. 

We are also known as a firm with great success through the appeals process, with a good number of our cases (those that are not resolved) being settled favorably at the appeals level. Call us today and learn how our firm can help you!

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